Tuesday, 14 February 2012


The first week of my holidays were mainly spent preparing for the next week. We made sure we packed all that we needed for week inside the suitcases, and the rest went into our carry-on luggage. I was fully excited, ready to fly to Gore, in the South Island to help with a holiday programme.

I have never been on an aeroplane before and that was my first time, it was awesome! When we arrived in Dunedin airport, we drove straight to Gore, that took us a few hours so most people (not me,) slept on the way.

We helped out with the holiday programme and we explored most of the south Island. In our spare time we also did some fun activities, such as; quadbike riding, Shooting (shotguns and air rifles), boat cruises, tramping, going to the beach, penguin watching, farming (kind of...), etc.

Overall, the trip was a great experience and we are hoping to go back down to Gore next year:D!!!

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