Thursday, 16 February 2012

It was 12 o'clock exactly and that was when I planned to meet my best friend Jeff Wiggle (He particularly liked the colour purple and he could never stay awake). He was running late because he said he had to help to be a seeing person for blind dogs. I was anxious to tell him something, I've been holding it in for a while but i'm sick of keeping it from Jeff.

He walked up the stairs ten minutes late, but oh well, as long as he was here to meet me. We grabbed something to eat and started to conversate about the concert about to happen in four hours. I was ready to tell him about my secret until his phone started to ring... After his quick talk over the phone he said he had to hurry home to read books to the elderly possums in Canada. I was confused, i thoght that he may also be keeping something from me too, i mean like... today was saturday but he usually did that on a midnight-friday. It was very strange.

He quickly arranged to meet up in three hours and ran off. Now I was stuck by myself still with my untold secret at a shopping mall food court... living the dream. Hours went by until it was two oclock when he arrived. The concert was in an hour so I needed to tell him right away. I destroyed his phone without him knowing somehow and started to speak. I stuttered and just decided to pull off my brown-haired wig. He looked shocked, I told him about how my name was not ciley myrus it was actually mannah hontanna.

I felt better and sighed in relief. He just stood there... He then started to smile, then giggle, then laugh. I was puzzled, he quickly spoke saying that my name was horrible and that he knew all along. WIERD. But true I guess, the wig fell alot while I was around him earlier and yesterday and the day before...  Jeff's smile then turned into a concerned look, I asked him what was wrong and his response was, "during all my spare time I don't do all the stuff you think I do..." SHOCK! "What I really do is,... catch up on my English homework, which is TWICE AS HARD as the things you think I do!" "I mean," he continued, "It's there every single week, dude I HAVE NO INTERNET, so instead I do it on paper until my friend says you have to add a link........ HOW DO YOU DO THAT ON PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "So now I do it on school internet. THE END:)"

I was surprised,  how can that be? Poor Jeff. Oh well. THE CONCERT!! I panicked, I forgot all about it. That concert was my concert, I am supposed to perform as Ciley Myrus TONIGHT! OH GOSH! I then asked Jeff for a ride to the concert, we traveled in the Big Red Car of-course all the way to the concert.

I performed well and I was happy. THE END.  :D


  1. Haha, Jeff from the Wiggles.
    TROLOLOL, where is the rest of the story?

  2. She was writing it in class because she had finished her work - I'm guessing it was home time.

  3. This is really funny. You have to finish it!

  4. LOL, okay:) it wasnt hometime i just ran out of energy,.. hard work.