Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Tips for Year 8's to survive AC :) :3 :D

Learning: FOCUS O.O, save discussions and 'silly behaiviour' for after your work (major work) and tasks. There usually is 100minutes in each period so if you are a fast and determined learner (like me..) you will have plenty of time for fun! :D
-Also make goals (private or 'out there').
-Hand in homestudy on time.
-Collect commendations.
-Extra work! (optional but reccommended.)

Homework: May not seem like a big deal, but to teachers.. it is. Usually homestudy is completing assignments or gathering research to help you with your next class. Homework can come in many different forms such as; written essays, posters, powerpoint and ofcourse by the INTERNET.
-EXCELLENCE standard (jokes but higher than acheived is good, AIM HIGH lol.)
-Handed in ON TIME.. (some teachers may extend the time if they are feeling kind enough.)
-Must be presented well. (neat handwriting helps, i dont have neat handwriting which is why I type sometimes instead.)
-NO CHEATING (Teachers can see right through you! not literally. They know if you are cheating.)
(REMEMBER they have internet access too, all they have to do is search wikepedia or copy/paste into google and you're 'stuffed'.)

Friends: It's not up to me to decide which friends you are to have.. if you havn't noticed, it's yours (or your parents ;P). But here are some tips anyways. ||
TIPS:  <|=========================
-Find the group that has the same intrests as you, or who you think you would get along with!
-If you have no friends.. SOCIALISE:D, dw f your lonely for the first few days haha. You will get to know people as you go along.
-Stay away from 'the rebels' they are disrespectful losers:). Instead just sit back and watch them embarass themselves and slowly get expelled/kicked out/suspended, if they bully you or your friends tell someone blah blah blah and if they continue just see what they would be like in the future.. and laugh! or help them.. your choice lol:) (jokes dont laugh (out loud))<--lol!! brackets in brackets!
-Unless you are wierd and attention seeking, stay away from the dramtic, crying, sobbing, raging group. They will one day backstab you or blah blahhhhhh, just stay away from them:)
-Dont label people before you know them! which is what I did.. but I can do that because when you read this I will be year ten LLOLOLOLOL >;D.
*PEER PRESSUE!! dont give in!
*DRUGS/SMOKES/ALCHOL(alchol until your legal age. yet I still reccommend you to stay away from it.)
*BULLYING. Dont be a deppressed, jelous, stuck up,stupid desperate bully.
*FIGHTS.. that means participating and watching.
*STRANGER DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teachers: HAHA goodluck! I'm sorry but I cannot help you here. I cant really tell you what teachers 'are like.' That's something you have to figure out and experience throughout college life. They can be kind, mean, wierd, useless(not at AC though), funny, blaaaahhh blaaaaaaaaah blaaaaaaaaaaahh!



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