Monday, 27 February 2012

Your post needs to:
-Explain why you choose your particular instructions and where you got them from.
-Give the instructions.
-Have a photo of your finished product (and can include step by step photos if you can manage it).
-Summarise how you found everything - were the instructions hard to understand?  Did your finished product turn out as you had hoped?

 I chose to do origami because I really enjoy making crafts and things out of paper etc. I especially enjoy making origami because of how successful our AUAHA3 origami presentation was, I was astonished at why we didn't get in first place.?o.o

Here are the instructions...CLICK FOR INSTRUCTIONS:)  This is a good origami website, you can have 'moving' (animated) instructions or the 'step-by-step' reading instructions:)


My finished product turned out as I planned it to:) The instructions were good and easy to understand because  the steps were visual and you can, pause, fastforward, slowdown, stop, or start the tutorial again if need:)

:D 2 commendations for VENUS:D

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  1. Oi, I sense some sarcasm towards our AUA3 presentation. Our trash to fashion is going to be awesome, I refuse for it to be bad as per usual.
    2 Commendations for Venus? Really??
    Great pictures and explanations :)