Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I was free. I wondered out into the cold night air. Everything had just happened was too much for me too handle. I.. I just had to stab something! I felt evil. It must have been that glowing stuff that Tim was going on about. What was I to do? I couldn't just go out there and stab something like a an evil sick minded freak. I quickly unraveled the paper in an envelope that I had found next to the camera. It said 62 Sesame Street on it. But that was all the way in Iraqmgjkdjkyh, how could I travel there? I searched curiously again through the envelope,  and alas, there was an air ticket. Hours later the evil thoughts rushed back again, I just could not control myself, so in the next few minutes I killed 7 puppies, 3 unicorns a reindeer and Justin B. But was the last one really a crime? I mean, what's up with his new song, it's terrible. Like is he supposed to be ghetto? Well i'm sure that made up for the last few crimes. You're welcome world.

Iraqmgjkdjkyh is weirder than I thought? There was peace everywhere, and ponies vomiting rainbows. What could possibly be wrong with this place? Why would my father send me to such a peaceful place, I was sure he wanted me to stop evil or something more productive of my time. There I was 62 Sesame Street, it was strange. Too strange. There were 3 boxes right in the middle of an ally way, I lifted the first one and it was a hobo. I lifted the second one and out came thing 2 and thing 1. The third one was next, as I lifted it, surprisingly, there is a bomb.

The bomb destroyed the world. (except for me.) I.. I couldnt believe it......... Three words, only three words I could say to describe the situation. (suspense)... those three words are....,....,...GOOD LUCK WILLIAM. mwahahhahahahahahah.


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