Thursday, 22 September 2011



On the 18th of September, we sat patiently in the squashed van as we drove into the city. Every one was excited and ready to watch the Rugby World Cup Game WALES vs SAMOA. We had a few Welsh supporters and a whole heap of Samoan supporters.

As soon as we found a parking place we started walking up to 'The Cloud.' It was very tiring and there was a lot of traffic. As soon as we got to The Cloud, the game had already started. Wales was in the lead then Samoa scored and they were tied. As they scored a few of the hundreds of people cheered for their team. As the game hit half time we went for a long walk around the building, hoping to find people from our group who said they needed coffee.

The Cloud in Auckland City.

We searched and searched but there was no use, we could not find them. The second half of the game had already started, so we raced back to the screen to watch. Guess who we found there... The long-lost coffee-drinkers who were also crowded around the screen. As the second half of the game went on, Samoa was behind by a few points. People slowly started leaving as it grew closer and closer to the end of the game.

Finally, as we left, our Welsh supporters celebrated while we congratulated them. The final score was 17-10. Well done Wales! We found our way back to the van and went home.



  1. Sounds like it was a good night! Good inclusion of the picture and links. For your next review try to put in some more critical thought; like you are giving your opinion on what you are reviewing rather than retelling. Nice work :)

  2. ooh interesting...
    I like how you added a picture, makes it look like a pro blog post :D

    omgosh omgosh its ur last day o.o !!!!!